A Mix Up at the Table
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Monday, October 17, 2016
By Kate Designs
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It's the heart of all of your sentimental gatherings. It's the stage where you showcase your favorite recipes of all time. It may happen to be the best place for the kids to spread out and get their homework done. It's your kitchen or dining room table, and whether you prefer to live comfortably or formally, no home is complete without it. With the Holidays in focus, now's the time to re-imagine one of your home's main focal points.

I'm happy to announce that the days of matching are over! Not everything has to be cut from the same cloth, if you decide to use cloth at all. In fact, it may be time to ditch your table cloth and showcase the natural elements hidden beneath. Organic materials like solid wood and stone are beautifully bold on their own.

Out with the ordinary and in with the unexpected. Why not take a minimal table and mix up the chairs? Incorporate a bench on one side for an interesting level shift. Various colors, styles and sizes never worked so well together. Whether you like to jazz it up or keep it clean, there is no way you can go wrong if you simply make it your own. Consult Kate to bring your creative vision to life before the Holidays!


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