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Draw Interest to Your Entrance
Thursday, March 09, 2017
Draw Interest to Your Entrance

 You don’t need to live in Palm Springs to explore the art of decorating your front entrance. Vibrant colors are making quite a statement this Spring, and I'm welcoming it with an open door! Don't be afraid to splash different shades around this season and inspire your home from the outside, in. Choosing a bright color for your front door is a simple solution to create charisma without going over the top. Anchor your front door with a simple plant on each side to achieve symmetry and invite maximum curb appeal. For the abstract eye, find an unusual object to place beside the door, such as the colorful pool tubes pictured below. Select a vintage piece ...

A Mix Up at the Table
Monday, October 17, 2016
Draw Interest to Your Entrance

It's the heart of all of your sentimental gatherings. It's the stage where you showcase your favorite recipes of all time. It may happen to be the best place for the kids to spread out and get their homework done. It's your kitchen or dining room table, and whether you prefer to live comfortably or formally, no home is complete without it. With the Holidays in focus, now's the time to re-imagine one of your home's main focal points. I'm happy to announce that the days of matching are over! Not everything has to be cut from the same cloth, if you decide to use cloth at all. In fact, it may be time to ditch your table cloth and showcase the natural ...

Wallpaper Statement
Thursday, August 18, 2016
Draw Interest to Your Entrance

As an interior designer and lover of all things unconventional, wallpaper is one of my favorite ways to make a room stand out. With that, I must admit that browsing the endless variety of colors and patterns when choosing a wallpaper is no easy task. Follow my insights on how to make the perfect statement with wallpaper.  Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper doesn't necessarily darken, or close a room in. You may be surprised to see how wallpaper can expand or lighten a small space and create a warm, welcoming feeling. Don't hold back with colors, shapes and patterns that are a bit different! Make a bold wallpaper selection and allow the ...

Art of Color
Wednesday, March 02, 2016
Draw Interest to Your Entrance

If one thing is for sure, my creations are not possible without the inspiration behind them. Yet with so many outlets for inspiration, my biggest challenge as a designer is navigating through the many possibilities and arriving at a new vision. In this transient industry, with fleeting trends and ever-changing styles, the key to my designs is simplicity. While I'm always tempted by new trends, funky fabrics and crazy colors, it's hard to surpass the original "pop of color" that a framed piece of artwork can achieve. Consider the following reasons and ways to incorporate art into your home this Spring:COLOR  It's no secret that color is directly correlated with mood and emotion. ...

Blush Crush
Thursday, February 04, 2016
Draw Interest to Your Entrance

This month we are certainly blushing, and it's not just because Valentine's Day is around the corner. But since Cupid is coming, why not take the opportunity to channel our inner chic. I like to incorporate elements of the fashion industry into my designs, and this Spring, I'm feeling quite colorful. I'm currently hooked on the soft and sultry vibes evoked from this dusty shade of rose, otherwise known as blush. Check out some of these inspirations and ideas that will have you blushing, too. Blush TonesSoft shades of blush have a beautiful way of blending into a room. While anything in the pink family may be daunting, there are many neutral tones to choose from, like ...