Holiday Simplicity
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
By Kate Designs
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In order to have a Holiday filled with cheer, there's no need to stress. Whether you have a tight budget, or time is ticking away, there are simple ways to make the Holiday look and feel as rich as ever. I've learned to eliminate the stress without compromising style. Here's how I'll be setting my simple Holiday scene this year.

Simply Green

It's time to let the natural gifts of the season shine. It's no secret that greens are the perfect seasonal accent, but why not make it a focal point? Greens provide such a naturally refreshing scent and a look that’s perfectly suited for the Holidays. For once, the organic is more cost effective than the artificial. Pick your own pine and incorporate moss, boxwood, paper whites, and tulips. Have a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail as you arrange and create!

Simply White

What more is there to say? I love a white color scheme all year round, and the Holidays are no exception. Serve it up! Vintage platters, white candles, and lights accessorize perfectly, while white fabrics & pillows create an intimate ambiance that can last all year long. Blend silver and gold accents to add the perfect Holiday sparkle!

Simply Bare

Dare to go bare this Christmas. Warning: you may save yourself a lot of time. With minimal design styles as popular as ever, a bare naked tree has never been more trendy. The expression "less is more" makes a whole lot of sense when it comes to the Holidays; the less going on around you, the more you can relish in the moment. Why spend hours dressing the tree when you can have an even greater impact by showcasing just a few special ornaments? Your tree should hold sentimental weight rather than ornamental weight. I'm looking forward to hanging a few strands of lights and a few of my hand-made ribbon roses on my tree.

No matter what you celebrate, or how you dress it up, the Holidays are here! It's time to relax and enjoy valuable time spent with family and friends. If decorating doesn't exactly put you at ease, call Kate ASAP for your Holiday decorating consultation.


Warmest Wishes for a Beautiful Holiday Season and a Sparkling 2017!

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