Kitchens of the Future
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
By Kate Designs
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How would you design your kitchen knowing you could have a robot to cook the meals and clean up the mess? With all new technologies unveiling, the kitchen game is rapidly changing, and the future possibilites are endless. Take a glance into the future with upcoming trends and techy tools.

Robotic Chef by Moley

The days of cooking over the hot stove are over, come 2018. Moley Robotics is introducing its first kitchen robot that will be able to prepare and serve gourmet style meals with its own 2 hands. Cooking will be as easy as pulling up a recipe and sitting back to enjoy the show. Like Hibachi at home!

Farm to table will soon become wall to table. Forget the terrace, it won't be long before you can cultivate herbs right from inside of your kitchen using automated water misting and lighting technology. Harvest and prepare right from home with the app that will alert you when the kitchen crops are ready! 

The future of kitchen islands lends itself to an all-in-one design. The concept includes a refrigerator, sink, table board, LCD screen, fiber glass cover, electric cooker, microwave and closet in one small apparatus. Talk about compact!

This seamless glass counter top is more than a sleek design. With integrated convection, plus high definition back splash, this amazing concept allows you to surf the web as you're cooking.

It's plain to see that kitchens are leading the future in a direction of simplicity and efficiency. Not only are the upcoming technologies achieving multiple functions in one single machine, overall design elements are moving away from the traditional design towards a contemporary feel. From cabinet styles to hardware, kitchens are taking on an organic look with materials like caesar stone and wood. Moving forward with kitchens of the future, the possibilities are endless. If you have an original idea, don't be afraid to bring it to life in your next design. Contact Kate to schedule a kitchen consultation!


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Sandy - I love the idea of grow herbs and greens in the kitchen.