Sophisticated Child
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
By Kate Designs
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Sophisticated Child

The young years are the most vital time to stimulate the child's brain and develop a sense of creativity. Why not surround your children with plenty of food for the imagination? A unique space for the children will not only set the precedence for fun memories, it also creates a healthy mind. Here are a few ways you can easily create a haven for your children to retreat to.

Fun Walls for All

Would you allow free-handed scribbling on your walls? Don't answer that question. Instead, get ahead of the motion and designate one wall entirely as a doodle board. Chalkboard paint is widely available at your nearest paint store. You could also cover one wall with a world map or fun wallpaper design and place a desk in front of it, giving the children an opportunity to sit, dream and explore the world. 

Anything but a Boring Bed!

The bed is key. If you expect your kids not to jump on the bed, you better find another way to excite them. Consider a low bed they can easily plop into and pick up a book and lounge against lots pillows (without hurting themselves). Nothing beats a bunk bed when it comes to multiple children and sleepovers.

Not Just Any Nook...

Transform an ordinary corner into a reading nook or artist's workshop! Set up a painting area with a large colorful oil cloth under the table to catch the mess, and a couple chairs. If you have a strong structure, you can even hang a swing to keep the kids entertained for days!

Takeaway Tip:

A fun fabric on a very cozy chair is an absolute must have. Call Kate to browse our selection of cute, eclectic fabrics!

It is your child's special time to learn, grow and create. Think unconventionally with the room and you will not go wrong. No matter what you do, have fun with it!


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