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Thursday, April 07, 2016
By Kate!!!Designs
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April has arrived along with the liberating scent of Spring. It's time to get outside and soak in nature's beautiful surroundings. If it were up to me, I would spend endless days basking among billowing gardens, somewhere in France, England or perhaps Tuscany. I crave the rustic, minimal elements of the European style gardens. While I can't always have it my way, imagining and re-creating happens to be my specialty. Here's how I'll be crafting my very own European Garden this season.

Luscious Landscapes


There's nothing like a bunch of boxwoods to make a statement. These bountiful bushes are uniform yet vibrant, reminding us that simplicity is bold. To add an element of variation, sculpted bushes and trees make for an artful, sophistocated and quintessential European vibe.


Subtle bursts of flowers add a soft touch to every garden, but in order to keep it crisp, avoid mixing too many colors. If you're aiming for the wild, organic essence, mix in some tall grasses, or wild flower bushes, to take on a looser, natural form.


Garden Urns


Achieve an old-world, rustic feeling with antique planters. My favorite are the Authentic Versaille Planter, which come in a variety of colors finishes to suit your style. Place these by the pool, patio door, or mingle them within the garden itself.



Citrus Trees

My latest obsession; Citrus Trees. I love these trees so much, you can already imagine that I've added one to my collection. In fact, why not grow your own citrus tree right here in the Garden State where some of the finest soil lies? Take your pick between orange, lemon, or lime! I love to see citrus trees potted by the poolside, or as a part of the garden. It's fun to see something unusually organic, contrary to the everyday flower. Citrus trees never fail to add pop of color, energy and life.


Take Away Tip:

Don't garden as you go. For best results, design your garden as if it were another room inside of your home; begin with a floorplan and a rendering.

If you're looking for antique garden planters or outdoor furnishings this Spring, call Kate Designs!


Happy Gardening,

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